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Cynus -

As a caution, any 0.X releases should be considered beta software. While it has been tested, and proved to work, it has not been tested under all environments. It is perfectly acceptable to use it in a work setting, but try not to do anything too odd with it.

0.6.2 -
Cynus 0.6.2 (.tar.bz2)
Cynus 0.6.2 (.tgz)
Cynus 0.6.2 (.zip)

0.6.1 -

0.6.0 -
Cynus 0.6.0 (.tar.bz2)
Cynus 0.6.0 (.tgz)
Cynus 0.6.0 (.zip)

Cynus-api -

Cynus-api 0.6.2
Cynus-api 0.6.1
Cynus-api 0.6.0
Cynus-api 0.5.0

It is safe to always use the most recent cnus-api package, as it will only be updated if there is something added to it. So don't worry about matching up version numbers, just get the newest release.

Brett Profitt and Jason Profitt

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