Development update
January 24th @ 6:42PM UTC

Cynus development has been paused for the time. We decided that the current API model (especially the plugins/modules and themes) is insufficient for the proper development and expansion of Cynus. A new API is being slowly developed, but will not be available for quite some time. Current downloads will still be allowed for the interested, but they will SHOULD NOT be used in production environments, nor will they be supported.


Cynus 0.6.2 Released!
August 2nd @ 2:35AM UTC

Cynus 0.6.2 has been released. Because this fixes problems in the install, all users are urged to upgrade.


Cynus 0.6.0 released!
July 30th @ 6:58PM UTC

After nearly a year of development, the first public release of Cynus has arrived. Also being released is Cynus-api 0.6.2. Look in the Downloads page for a link to both packages.

What should you expect from this release? Cynus offers a solution for school districts to create and maintain a webpage. Using the base and various modules, it is quite simple to create a useful page that can be used by the district staff, students, and public.

What should you expect in the future? Development is still going strong, and as such you can expect more feature-rich releases in the future. The module front-end is still being completed, along with many more modules. If possible, there could be another release in a few months.


Cynus-api 0.6.1 released!
July 9th @ 5:40PM UTC

This was a very minor change, but there is a correction in the register_signal() function and an addition of the selected() function. There will probably be a release of 0.7 after some work done with the menus, and subsequently a change in their API. If you want to wait until that release before downloading, it will probably be safe.


Modules Page
July 7th @ 1:51PM UTC

There is now a modules page which gives you a list of currently completed modules, as well as ways to get your module included into Cynus. As an open-source project, we encourage others to further Cynus's development by creating modules that expand the capabilities of it. Pick up the Cynus-api package, and look in the docs/ directory of Cynus to get detailed information on what tools are at your disposal.


Cynus-api 0.6.0 released!
June 24th @ 5:03PM UTC

In order to give developers as much help in developing modules for Cynus, the newest release of cynus-api includes more highlighting and API goodness for SciTE ( Download this and put it in your SciTE directory to make hacking Cynus even easier.


Where we are now
June 21st @ 5:29PM UTC

Once again I come to tell you that the project isn't dead. In fact, it is quite alive now because I am working on it during my summer job for Jackson City Schools (, and Brett will be joining me once he starts. What this means is that by the end of summer, not only will we have a release, but one that you will be able to use to maintain a webpage.

Just so you know where we are, we have most of the base done, just waiting to finish the modules part of it. Speaking of modules, here are a few that we have finished:
Configuration - Lets you edit configuration variables after install.
Buildings - Stores what buildings are in your district.
And working on a Groups module and a Parts module right now. We keep pushing back the release because we want to give you something usable, so expect a release in late July or early August.


And now to make liars of ourselves.
March 24th @ 6:54PM UTC

Due to some irritating circumstances with the webhost of our personal page, Cynus will most likely not be released this month. We had to put off working for about a week while we dealt with it, but we have started to get things going again. But as a reward for waiting, we will try to have a few modules ready at release time so you can actually do something when we release the base.


Work has started again
February 26th @ 9:46PM UTC

After a bit of a break from working on Cynus, work has started back up to get a release hopefully some time in March. Brett has decided to get out of band while he has his sanity, so he should be able to finish the modules part soon. Pending items before we release Cynus are:
Web-based module installation
Startup configuration.
API strictly defined.
GUI overview and cleanup as well as checking that wording is clear and concise.

Things that might make it into this release:
Web-based upgrades.
Web-based module removal.
Web-based manual module installation (not from central server).

Another thing that you should be aware of is that the initial release should be considered beta and not meant for critical environments. While thorough testing will be done, we cannot say that it will work correctly for everyone.


Cynus website gets news
February 2nd @ 12:47AM UTC

The Cynus website finally has news. The news is identical to the news on sourceforge.

In, the module server and client are still coming along. Probably under a month for a beta release without all the options working.


Brett Profitt and Jason Profitt

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